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1. ¿How does EntreModelos work? is not a modeling agency and does not represent or give work to modelos. EntreModelos is web site for models, photographers, producers and agencies to meet and promote themselves. We do not currently charge an fees for using our site or contacting site users.

2. Do I have to pay anything to sign up?

No. is completely free.

4. What is the process for creating a portfolio in

All you have to do is enter your information and upload 2 initial photos. Your photos will then be reviewed and if they are of acceptable quality your account will be approved and you will be notified by email. You will then be able to log in to the site, add more photos and update your information. Once you are on the site other professionals can contact you through a contact form linked from your profile page. Your email and contact information stays hidden and safe.

5. Why do I get an error or why does the page freeze when I sign up?

Sometimes problems occur on signup, usually with uploading images. please be sure the photo is no larger than 1 MB and is in JPG format. If you have problems just contact us.

6. How I can delete or add photos to my book?

To add or delete photos in your book, you must first login to with your username and password. Once inside the profile click where it says 'Manage Photos'. Here you can add, delete and change any photo in your portfolio.

7. What if I forgot my username or password?

If you do not remember any of your details, you can retrieve them here.

8. What kind of photos can I add to my portfolio?

All photos are reviewed by our staff before making live and must be of good quality. We don't accept blurry or dark photos. The most important thing about the photo is that you appear clear and visible with good light. Your face should not be covered in any way. Do not upload photos with friends in the picture, animals, or with text written on the picture. You should include close-ups as well as full-body photos.

Here you can see some examples of photos:

These are 2 terrible photos. As a model, they will do more harm than good.

These 3 are good. Made by professional photographers working in the fashion world. They are acceptable for a model portfolio.

9. Why can't I upload photos?

Make sure the photo is no larger than 1MB and is in JPG format.

10. How do I change the extension to jpg photo?

To change the format of a photo you must use photo-editing software. After opening the image choose the 'save as' option and select 'jpg'.

11. How I can change my profile?

To change any of the information in your profile, login, and enter your 'username' and 'password'. Once inside can make any change you like. Remember always to click on the button to save your changes.

12. Can I send nude photographs? What is considered nude?

We do not accept nude photographs period. This means not displaying feamle breasts, full buttocks or male/female private parts. If you publish nude photos your account will be deleted.

13. Why has my profile not been published?

Either your profile is still under review or the photos were not good enough quality for our directory. We do not judge the qaulity of models, only the quality of photos. If rejected you can try again later with better photos.

14. Why has a picture of my book been removed?

We remove photos that we believe are not up to the quality standard. Sometimes models/photographers have some good photos and some that are not acceptable. In this case we leave the profile but remove the poor photos.

15. How can I be displayed on the cover as a top model?

This is very simple. Send amazing photos.

17. How do I contact for suggestions, questions or comments?

You can use the contact form to send us a message: Remember that we are not an agency and will not respond to emails that just talk about interest in becoming a model.